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Terms and conditions:

Welcome to Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies. Here, we value our customer needs and customer service above our sales. We are divine healers, a reflection of yourself when we come into terms of healing you. Please give your healing brief timing to see changes to your physical, spiritual, and emotional (mental) healing. Healings often take up to a few seconds to a couple of minutes. And in rare cases, when there is a need for intense healing and recovery from physical and mental trauma, our healing time can take over periods of weeks to months. As for our sales, we suggest to our customers that it is mandatory to check upon their sensitivity and allergies before the purchase and use of our in-store products. In case of reactions and allergies to our products. Our product comes with a manual guide to provide solutions for product reactions. However, we do not take the responsibility and liability of personal reactions if the ingredients of our products are overlooked upon their use. Our products are 100% organic produced with home-made essential remedies that are prepared with extreme care and attention. We meditate and pray on each of our products to enhance the probability of its effectiveness for the body, mind, and spirit. Requests or suggested personal remedies will be discussed with our customers before the preparation and shipment of our product. We will send the required and any other additional information to our customers for confirmation.

Once our products are dispatched, we are not in control of the duration of the arrival product. Our shipment orders are despatched within 2-3 business days of your order placement. Depending on the external conditions, our express delivery team will get your products shipped within 3-5 business days.

Upon the delivery of our product, we do not hold accountably and responsibility for the shipped product, unless if the product is delivered defective, missing, broken, or even undelivered. Please reach out to our team through email or any other media platforms if you've been waiting for your product more than the required assigned time. We will resolve the issue with our shipment team.