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Store Policy

Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies is a Divine Healing Guide. We are Divine Healers. We value and respect our customers’ needs and care about our customers’ health. We believe it is extremely important for self-care and constantly keeping a check on our bodies, minds, and our soul chakras. Body chakras are known best for activating body organs, blood cells, the transfiguration of energies throughout the body organs, and awakens the body to serve its vital purpose. Body chakras heal the body through the peripheral nervous system, transmitting fluid blood-flow to all body organs. Corresponding to comply with the proper functions of body organs and assimilation of any deteriorating health through mind and spiritual healing powers. Our vision is to make this process easier for our customers by introducing an indirect energetic work of Healing Touch and Spiritual Holistic Healing, where we transcend our costumers the energies needed to recover from profound illnesses, blockages, and health problems. This is done in many ways. Our team members indirectly perform as a third party and guide our customers to physically practice Healing Touch with their own spiritual performance. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies' services are provided through means of virtual, telephonic, and telepathic communications where direct and physical contact with our costumers and employee are not needed for the configuration. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies work under extreme care and sensitive platform profession, the health of our workers and costumer are our first priority so we do not enforce healing upon those who are unprepared while they are seeking healing. We require an agreement form to be signed by both parties; our customers and the Divine Healer. Upon this agreement, both parties come into an agreement that our Healers under their full senses and awareness agree on providing spiritual energies and services to our costumers. And our customers come into an agreement about taking sole responsibility for their health, mind, and spiritual state as healers will not be physically (in-person) involved. We, as healing providers, are not obligated nor accountable to bound feelings, reactions, emotions, effectiveness, and sensitivity of our customers. Costumers are in the affirmed position of meditation and will take full responsibility for the outcome of their healing. Costumers agree upon the transcending and energetic awakening and healing felt to their bodies, mind, and spirit spheres without our physical contribution to this artwork. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies' main objective is to Awaken and inform our customers about their physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities, and the art of awakening oneself without physical contact and configuration by a third party.

Our sessions are operated under an extreme meditative environment and any form of body, mental, and spiritual distractions must be either omitted or healed before times of operations. We provide personal readings 1-on-1. This will obtain virtually, through calls, or exchange of written communications through emails, and websites. Costumers must come to an agreement that our work only focuses on clearing inclusions of conscious and subconscious doubts and worries. With their full awareness and consciousnesses, Healers only act as a latter to bring connection between the body, mind, and soul with a supreme sense of satisfaction for customers to open their third eye chakra to achieving ultimate Nirvana.

 We are not a multi-corporation or in-partnership entity involved with instore operations, our business will operate from our home and online to service our costumers best ways possible through emails, phone, face-time, and other convenient means (with all respect, meeting in persons are not mandatory). We will telephonically and energetically emanate our Healing purpose, solutions, and healing sensations to our costumers through their own capabilities and subconscious.

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies retails online shop for accessories and clothing. Our products are sourced by third parties and support wage laborers. We give full credit to the original artists of the prints on our products. To know more details about the prints of our products, please contact us and we will link you with the original artists and sources of the images. 

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies provide online courses on the Noble Qur'an, Nahjul Balagha, and Islamiyat. Our service is fully guaranteed and students will enjoy and relate to most of these courses. They will enhance their experience in their professional and social lives as an impact of our classes. We look forward to being your instructor. 

Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies is also in the process of retailing 100% organic home-made herbal and essential remedies to our consumers. We will be subsidizing a wide range of home-made cosmetic products, purely based on 100% organic locally grown and imported body care oils and herbs. We purchase our product ingredients and components from trusted Canadian local shops. We retail the byproducts to our customers with the best quality and effectiveness. Our aim is to Awaken our customers through our production of sustainable and guaranteed natural remedies. Our products are produced and serviced under Divine devotion and deep meditational cosmo, making our products the most effective Miracle work of our generation. The effectiveness of our organic healing products will be felt, sensed, and noticed in an instant use; however, our buyers must be sensitive to their subconscious and spirit when the application of the product is taking place. This can be achieved with a meditational and mindful stage of the detoxed human body. When purchasing our products, our customers agree upon our store policy. We are not accountable or responsible for any sort of allergenic, reactive, and sensitivity from our products. This is because our products are made from raw and natural-organic, environmental-grown herbals and oils that may provoke complications to the bodies (unless if individuals are allergic and advised by professional doctors to omit the use of such properties, it is advised to restrictedly avoid the use of any ingredients). Essential oils, herbals, or any of our natural grown products are used under our costumer’s own responsibility and awareness. We do not grow or produce our own ingredients. We are only the byproduct sellers of our sales. We will be using sensitive natural essential oils, and reading labels and ingredients is a significant procedure that must be followed. By making a purchase with our company, our buyers understand, they are not prone to any negative and extreme reactions to the purchased supply and use our store remedies with mindfulness and awareness.

It is mandatory for our customers to accept and agree upon our Online-store Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Return Policy in order to receive our service.


Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies work to connect, unite, and heal our customers. Our goal is to work with our customers as a secondary support guide to help them discover the depths of their traumas, pains, and illnesses and recover them through their own participation, healing, and awakening. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies is an artwork of Miracles, and we do not manufacture any service and supplies. We produce our supplies and services from the original natural and organic elements that are least sensitive for people with allergies, reactions, sensitivity, and health conditions. Our sold products are taken care of generationally experienced individuals, educated, researched, and professional sources, where we do not produce nor offer any products that are deteriorating for health, mind, body, and the spirit.

Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies are a guide to connect individuals within their own bodies, mind, and spirit without the physical involvement of our Divine Healer. Our services are verbal and spiritual and guides individuals to discover themselves through being guided to perform energy transformation, mindfulness, and consciousness. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies, like any other Holistic Healers, do not use Healing Touch or physical contact to heal individuals to assist them. We fully operate under verbal and telepathic energies, with the use of energies and spirits, we guide our costumers to heal themselves from any illness and medical, mental, and spiritual health problems they’d been living with. Imam Mahdi’s Healing Energies are reserved and Holy energetic work without the involvement of physical contact, use of tools, and chemicals. For our costumers who are not in-tuned with the subconscious, meditative, or mindfulness practices are asked to use supplications of essential oils on their bodies, feet, palms, face, hair, teeth, or skin to Awaken their body chakras, organs, blood cells, and give their healing some time to take its course.