Muzhgan is a gifted Reiki Healer. She has been practicing Reiki, Healing and Tarot readings since the year 2019. She has a natural gift of a healing hand to channel to your vibrational energy frequencies. She helps you align to your life purpose, make manifestations your reality and heal you from the worries of the world. She offers Reiki session, manifestation session, and personal one-on-one readings. 

"We welcome you to Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies. Our mission is to provide you with the most effective and efficient Healing powers in our generation. We work with The Lord of the Worlds, Angel Guardians, and my ancestors to bring tranquility and healing to people's minds, bodies, and souls. We wish you the best with your healing journey, and we hope for you to receive the best experience with Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies."

Muzhgan Ahmadi
Ontario, Canada