Helpful Information

Where are you located?

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies is an online-virtual Divine Healers. We operate within Canada, Ontario. However, our services and products can be purchase and delivered across the world. Our services operate via telephone, emails, and other means of verbal communications.

How do I contact Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies?

We are an On-line business. We are a home-based company located in Ontario, Canada. You can contact us by emailing us at divine.healer.energies@gmail.com 

For more information on our company, our services and products, and additional inquiries, feel free to check out our site and/or talk to our Divine Healers.

What makes your company different from all the others?

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies offers free services. This includes but is not limited to Healing, Manifestation, and Quran & Islamiyat studies without cost. We work to support and educate those who are restricted financially.

We work in the ascetic manifesting and medicating field. We provide healing like no other business, place, and generation have before. We take Reiki and Healing Touch and enhance it to our modern means of interaction and channeling. Being said this, we provide healing and transcend positive energies through the net, telephone, and emails. This is a convenient way for our generation because we do not need to make physical appointments for visits. You can activate all your body chakras and start your healing process by connecting with Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies. We will channel you to your higher self. 

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies provides 100% sustainable and organic home-made remedies, essential oils, and herbals which will activate pure enlightenment and connection to oneself. Our products are meant to heal, recover, awaken and attract manifestations in a most effective and efficient manner.

How long will it take me to see changes after my Healing Session?

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies provides the most effective and efficient Healing services of our generation FREE. You feel the changes within the same time as channeling with us for healing. We attract customers who are in need of healing and awakening. For those in search of their life purpose/ meaning of life, soul-searching, healthy and balanced bodies, and a Holy Soul Intercession. Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies will guide you to enhance your healing journey and experience by providing products, and dietary plans to help you improve your experience and feel the changes within days and months.

How many Healing Sessions will it take for healing?

Healing Sessions are bounded and limited to 15 minutes because our Divine Healer takes seconds to heal our customer. You need 1 Healing Session to heal and be guided for proper care, meditation, and dietary plans. We often manifest Healing Energies and tell our customers to consume the foods. We have previously guided our customers to increase their intake of water. For each extra water consumption, we had manifested healing energies in the water.

Most customers need only 1 Healing Session. However, at times, our customers return to be advised on any changes and awakening meditations or any experiences they are having, which extends the number of their Healing Sessions. 

Why should I buy home-made Essential oils?

Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies are providing home-made essential oils along with remedies for our customers who are sensitive and unaware of the art and power of essential oils. We believe that essential oils are extremely sensitive and can be dangerous for those who use them without being informed about the oil.

Often, people are not informed of their allergies and sensitivity. With the use of the essential oil, their peripheral nervous system can reject the intake of the essential oil. This can be an extremely dangerous situation and can hospitalize people. Imam Mahdi's Healing Energies helps to eliminate such threats to the body from essential oils. We educate our customers and produce a mixture of healthy remedies and ingredients to make essential oils usable on daily basis without provoking reactions and sensitivity.

Our home-made essential oils are used for body, hair, and face with a brief manual description on how to use the product, its benefits, learn its ingredients, and how to prevent and cure for possible reactions. The use of our home-made essential oils can highly impact your level of spirituality and mindfulness in a positive manner.

How long will it take for my product to arrive?

We despatch your purchase(s) for shipment within 2-3 business days. The delivery of your product will take no longer than 5-7 business days. This information is however excluded and not restricted by shipment delays. Due to external reasons, shipments can be delayed, and you will need to get in touch with us to resolve postponed deliveries.

Here, you can find the attached Healing Agreement. You can kindly sign, and resend it to our email at divine.healer.energies@gmail.com